Corporate event theme names

Chelsi Nakano December 19, Sales Kickoff themes help presenters find the center of their message and get teams to find common ground to collaborate. A sales kickoff theme unifies your plans into one track toward your goals.

While a lot organizers treat the theme as a gimmicky add-on, a theme can actually be a very powerful tool for retention of information. It has been clearly shown that an entertained audience is an engaged audience. From boardrooms to TED talks, the ability to entertain your audience largely determines how effective your presentation will be.

They want to cover everything and as a result their Sales Kickoff ends up unfocused and ineffective. Celebrate high performers by letting them shoot DIY videos, reenactments and spoofs. This provides a fun turnaround from the expected speeches from big influencers and executives. Emphasize how your company is or is becoming the leader, how you got there, and how others are following in your footsteps.

To avoid just tooting your own horn try to focus on leadership over simply gloating. This is always a good provocative theme. Emphasize how you plan to hook a bigger share of customers and beat your biggest competitor.

corporate event theme names

Use competitions that require participation and teamwork to add to the competitive atmosphere. Steve W. Yes, you do. Belief is half the battle won. You win the other half with specific strategies and tactics but starting with confidence is important. Just remember not to make this one too ra-ra and keep it honest. Good metaphors to use here are depictions of owning housing, investment properties, and even parts of a city. Custom Monopoly boards work well.

When your salesforce morale is low you need bring things up a notch or ten. It puts things into perspective and gives hope for a low morale team. If you feel your sales team is a no-nonsense kind of group, then this will really resonate with them.

Throw out the excuses and just be honest and forthright. Bare your teeth and square your shoulders. You can easily fire up morale and determination with this classic sports sales kickoff theme. This sales kickoff theme taps into this and reminds them why they love what they do.

Recognize the hurdles because they are there, and they are difficult. Your salesforce will appreciate the honesty in this, but be sure to then show everyone the tools they need to to break through these obstacles to get to their wins.

The rest of these themes are all about information to help refine your sales team. Provide choices for everyone to dance to their own tune, albeit an organized and proven tune.Here is a really good list of Party and Dance Names.

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You should be able to find one that fits your event. Sometimes with just a little adjusting, you can create a unique name idea that's really fun. Most of the names won't require specific decorations.

Balloons, flowers, crepe paper streamers, twinkle lights, candles, table confetti and other simple decorations will work. If a name is really specific like Arabian Nightsthe decorations will of course need to be in keeping with your theme. Just about any party supply store will have all the palm trees, cardboard camels and tulle that you will ever need.

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An Affair to Remember. Masquerade Ball.

corporate event theme names

African Safari. Memories of Tonight. A Night for Romance. Midnight at the Oasis. A Night in Paris. Midnight in Paris.

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Alice in Wonderland. Midnight Masquerade. Arabian Nights. Around the World. As Time Goes By. Moon over Miami. Moonlight and Roses. Back to the Future. Moonlight In Paradise. Bali Hai. Moonlight on the Nile.

Between Your Heart and Mine. Moonlight Rendezvous.

corporate event theme names

Black and White Ball.For a sales meeting, corporate meetings, incentive trips and more, take this list and play off these concepts to come up with your own theme that best fits your upcoming meeting. Good luck! Need assistance developing a theme around your corporate meeting or event? Our network of over meeting professionals are available to help! Let's get started. Fill in the form below. Call us at ext.

Toggle navigation. Speak to Us Now! A World of Opportunities 2. A Whole New World 3. A Celebration of Success 4. A Spectrum of Opportunities 5. All Systems Go 7. Anything is Possible 8. Back to the Future 9.

Back On Top Becoming Agents of Change Be Extraordinary Beat name of biggest competitor Better and Consistent Beyond All Limits Board Break Experience at the event! Breakthrough To Excellence Breaking Barriers Breaking Down Barriers Breaking Out of Your Shell Breakthrough Performance Building on the Best Building for the Future Commitment to Excellence Creating Customer Connections Creating Connections-Building Bridges…Together Challenge Yourself To attract attendees, your event theme must be on point.

Click To Tweet. On their own, 5ks are a classic way to engage those with a competitive spirit. But as an add-on to a conference, festival, or another big event, they can help draw new audiences with slightly different interests.

Doing it well: Superfly Running Inc. Walkathon, bikeathon, bakeathon, sewathon, readathon…. Rent out a skating rink for an any-season immersion into winter goodness.

Rent a local rink and invite participants to make fools of themselves — all in good fun. Smells can create strong nostalgic and emotional connections for people. Hire essential oil vendors and therapists to concoct an aromatic ambiance for your event. DIY is all the rage right now. Set up arts and crafts stations where attendees can mix, mingle, and make. Invite your attendees on an art walk of local galleries and studio spaces.

A civic cultural immersion is a powerful way to connect your event with your local business community. Hire an artist talented at rendering likeness on a tablet, and give guests the chance to have their caricature drawn for charity or profit.

Build a giant interactive wall on which participants can write, draw, or graffiti via supplied tablets. Invite local artists to show their work and raise money for your cause and local art.

This is a great seasonal theme think holiday bizarrebut works any time of the year. Enlist augmented reality AR technology to embellish games and activities. Simple SnapChat custom geofilters are one example of how AR is achievable for all event creators. Do you work with influencers who help spread the word about your events with their powerful social media presence?

Hosting an event that spotlights an influencer has a one-two punch: it thanks them for their partnership and gets the attention of their fans and followers.

Corporate Event Themes

Gamification is a compelling way to get attendees engaged. Using technology, you can orchestrate a digitally run trivia game, for instance. Or plan a scavenger hunt with an app that provides clues. Promise a live video of your event, and you create a few opportunities:. Rent retro video games from any era for an analog video arcade that will inspire deep nostalgia for a simpler time.

Team up with a local animal shelter for an ad-hoc adoption event. Cute furries get the warm and fuzzy vibes going strong. And think of all the adorable photos you can post on social media! Nostalgic throwback parties offer lots of opportunities for on-theme cocktails, music, and decor.

Take your event outside and team up with local businesses for a bigger bash than you might throw on your own. The festive atmosphere and combined talents make for a monumental party. Take the trend of storytelling nights to the next level with a campfire-themed storytelling session. Participants are invited to gather in small groups and pontificate on a theme.

Wrangle a celebrity to be the face of your event. Invite participants to donate a fee to have their photo taken in your decadent photo booth. Offer props, costumes, flattering lighting, and a professional photographer to make it worth their while.When choosing a party theme for company get-togethers, corporate planners need to make sure that the theme is relevant and fun. That creates a laid-back atmosphere where employees are more likely to let their guard down, shoot the breeze with one another, and network across the company.

Decor: Go for big white tents, picnic tables covered in plaid tablecloths, checkered blankets, and balloons. And if you want to go really big with your decor, try these 35 summer decor ideas.

For something a bit fancier, mix up a cold cocktail like mint juleps. Activities: Set up simple outdoor games such as croquet, badminton, or cornhole.

You can even do company Olympics by having team compete in traditional field-day games like dodgeball or relay races. Create a laid back atmosphere where employees are more likely to network. Click To Tweet. Something that highlights the season is simple but effective. Just get the word out that things will be a little more on the formal end.

127 themes and concepts for your next corporate meeting or event

Food: For a more formal event, go with traditional plated options such as tenderloin, chicken, salmon, or grilled portabellas for a vegetarian option.

Decor: The decor options are endless: We like the idea of sparkling jewel tones or a white-on-white color palette. Winter classics like poinsettia plants, fireplaces, and cozy blankets will add to the atmosphere. Most importantly, corporate planners need to be sure event themes are appropriate for the setting and company culture.

Beverages: Keep things light and fresh! Plan a picnic, bean bag toss, bocce ball, group hike, or other patio-friendly games.

The theme is pretty versatile, so feel free to set a dress code as you see fit. Setting: You can find a classy outdoor space such as a manicured museum lawn or a local botanic garden, or bring things inside with the option for a patio. Why it works: Want a corporate event theme that everyone will remember? Throw a carnival-themed party! If you want to be a little more sophisticated, you can put an upscale twist on those traditional foods. For example, serve turkey corn dogs and fries with vindaloo ketchup.

Set up fun game stations like ring toss. And you can never go wrong with a photo booth! Make sure you stay on budget and create an event planning checklist.

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Get everyone showing their colors and watching the games together. And remember, beer and nachos have the power to bond people. Offer a well-rounded beer list, and cider for gluten-free attendees. A few wine and liquor options might also be nice.

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Our free pocket planner app can also help you calculate and keep track of your catering costs and beyond — all you need to know is how many people are going to attend! Setting: Your office is the perfect place for a little Marie Kondo magic.

Food: Because Marie Kondo is a literal fairy person, things like cupcakes and marshmallow bars add a touch of whimsy to the event while health nuts might take inspiration from the health aspect of the tidying up movement. Beverages: If you plan this party during work hours, make sure you have some coffee and tea on hands to help give one that little extra energy boost.

Otherwise, your meeting room works too! Decor: Chili peppers, colorful ribbons and bunting, avocado arrangements, and hot sauce bottle flower holders all make for a festive and bright celebration. Food: Set out a buffet station with freshly prepared veggies, meats, and taco fixings so everyone can make their perfect meal. Beverages: Margaritas are an excellent way to round out the theme but a chia seed watermelon and lemonade agua fresca or any agua fresca really is a great non-alcoholic option.Is there anything sweeter than summer?

Corporate meetings such as conferences, trade shows, and other professional networking events are far from stuffy these days. The best corporate event themes will do just that, offering up an escape where attendees can engage, interact, and network — all the while staying true to event objectives. Sweet summer! Click To Tweet. On the social side of things, the stakes are high too. In a modern world of minimalist decor, pulling off a full-blown event theme without taking things too far or making them tacky!

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Just as with corporate planners, the first step is to look at the attendee list and try to predict expectations. Which theme is going to feel the most cohesive with the surroundings and take you the least elbow grease and money! Attendees can have a lot of fun dressing up, and a luau party is one of the best themes to get everyone in costume — without making them spend too much on their outfit. Your classic thrift store beach shirt will do!

Fake foliage, big tropical flowers, and all things tiki are in order for this one. Have your bartenders mixing sweet tropical drinks like pina coladas and serve up tasty foods like plantains, pineapple, and a pig roast.

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Upcycle to create one-of-a-kind decor and furnishings, diminish throw-away items, and trade in the useless swag for something that reduces waste instead of creates it. Bring your guests together in breakout activities like tree planting or community clean-up. And when it comes to the catering, work with local homeless shelters to make sure that zero food from your event is wasted. An early-summer classic, derby days capitalizes on the pleasant temps of early summer.

Set the event in a grassy outdoor area and let your decor take a hint from old-time southern charm. Serve up some tasty mint juleps, appetizers like pimento cheese, and bring out those checkered linens. A great theme to get people moving and interacting, what could scream summer more than the summer olympics?

One of our favorites for all-hands team-building events and networking breakouts alike, this theme presents a great opportunity to team groups up and get them working together towards a common goal. Think: tiny bicycle races, human pyramids, photo prop contests, and other activities that are sure to spur more laughter than serious competition. A color of the year theme gives planners a great excuse to run wild with one color family and create an immersive visual experience that defies expectations and makes attendees take note.Conferences serve as some of the leading exchanges of ideas and information for individual sectors of business.

These gatherings can also post to be fruitful opportunities for connecting with others of industry expertise, while strengthening professional relationships and networks.

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The following series of conference slogans exchanged by others are intended to inspire the creation of your next slogan. A Celebration of Success. A World of Opportunities. Anything is Possible. Back on Top. Balanced for Business. Better by every measure. Breaking Barriers. Breakthrough to Excellence. Bringing People Together. Come back to get ahead.

Creating Customer Connections. Customer Focus. Develop the Possibilities. Dream it. Find It. Love It! Engaging minds, empowering success. Everything Counts. Everything you need. Evolving with our Business.